The announcement of The Desu Rabbits live shows!!!!!!!

We arranged new audience area where is “ People-with-Foreign-Nationality Zone ” for foreign people to watch The Desu Rabbits live shows with a discount!!!!!

“ I love Japanese idol groups!!! ”
“I’d go to their live shows if I don’t have to exchange currency…..”
Great news for those of you!!!!

If you show us your passport or some IDs
at door to prove that you’re from foreign countries,
you can join The Desu Rabbits live shows for Just a 1000yen!!
And what’s more,you’ll get a pass to join “ High Five Event” after the show.
(The High Five Event: you can give high five to Desu Rabbits members!)

※ The Desu Rabbits live shows mean what are ell.SIZE@Nagoya(7 Oct 2017), Drum Be-1@Fukuoka(14 Oct 2017),DUCE@Sapporo(21 Oct 2017),FUNJ twice@Osaka(3 Nov 2017).

※People who brought your foreign friends could also get a special ticket of “The High Five Event” after show.

People-with-Foreign-Nationality Zone is a general live space.
※ There is no People-with-Foreign-Nationality Zone, if some guests as people with foreign nationality join the Desu Rabbits live shows.


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